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How to spell WUNNA correctly?

The misspelling "wunna" could possibly be corrected to "wanna" which is a contraction of "want to". Other suggestions include "winner", "wonder" or "wanna-be". However, the correct spelling would depend on the intended meaning and context of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell wunna correctly

  • anna Anna was excited to start her new job at the marketing company.
  • bunny The little girl was delighted to find a fluffy bunny hiding in the grass.
  • donna Donna is a really nice person.
  • duenna The old duenna cautioned the young woman to behave herself at the ball.
  • Dunn The Dunn Corporation is a global manufacturer of high quality consumer goods.
  • Dunne
  • DUNNO I dunno if I want pizza or tacos for dinner.
  • funny That comedian always tells funny jokes.
  • GONNA I'm gonna head to the store now.
  • gunny The gunny sack was heavy with potatoes.
  • Hanna My daughter is named Hanna.
  • henna My friend is getting henna tattoos done tomorrow.
  • Janna Janna is excited to see her family during the holidays.
  • Jenna Jenna is my best friend and I can always count on her for support.
  • Juana Juana is a wonderful name for a beautiful girl.
  • luna The full moon, or "luna", cast an eerie glow over the dark forest.
  • manna I couldn't find anything edible so I had to feast on manna from heaven.
  • Penna
  • runny My nose is always runny when I have a cold.
  • senna Senna is a widely used herbal laxative.
  • sunni
  • sunny The weather is supposed to be sunny all week.
  • tuna I like to eat tuna sandwiches.
  • tunny
  • Wanda Wanda was thrilled to hear that she had won the poetry contest.
  • Wanna " Wanna come over for dinner tonight?" asked Lisa.
  • Wynn The Wynn hotel is one of the most luxurious in the world.

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