Correct spelling for WYAT

We think the word wyat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for wyat

  • at "You're not to be lickin' 'em at all.
  • bat That old bat of a Stubbard has got scent of a rat, and is hunting about the farm-houses.
  • beat We'll beat it out, somehow.
  • boat "In your boat, of course.
  • cat At first I could see nothing-at least nothing that might be supposed to attract the cat.
  • chat The Captain coldly asks him; down he sat; And Thais enter'd into chat with him.
  • coat No, they are in my other coat.
  • dat I say dat you say no!
  • eat And let's go up to your house to eat?"
  • fat Dog-gone it-you are fat!
  • feat He swore again and, in his mounting anger, he seized the anvil in his great hands, lifted it bodily from its stand and heaved it into a corner-a feat which four strong men, at any time, would have experienced difficulty in performing.
  • fiat Well, when I was at their house in July, there happened to come for Ellis one of those fiat boxes that men's tailors always pack suits in, and so I thought I might as well show a great deal of curiosity about it, and I did.
  • ghat What then is easier than to find in the name of Ghat the Gath of the Philistines?
  • gnat The man who gained most glory in that conflict was "Fighting Joe" Wheeler, veteran of Shiloh, of Murfreesboro, of Chickamauga, dashing like a gnat against Sherman's flanks, and annoying him mightily on that march to the sea; a southerner of the southerners, and yet with a great patriotism which sent him to the front in 1898, and a hard experience which enabled him to save the day at Santiago, when the general in command lay in a hammock far to the rear.
  • goat The horns of the antelope are more like those of a goat.
  • hat His silk hat was on the back of his head, and he wore no overcoat.
  • heat De Spain walked down to the inn unmindful of the heat.
  • lat Deith canna weel be muckle like onything we think aboot it; but there maun surely be a heap o' fowk unco dreary an' fusionless i' the warl' deith taks us til; an' the mair I think aboot it, the mair likly it seems we'll hae a heap to du wi' them-a sair wark tryin' to lat them ken what they are, an' whaur they cam frae, an' hoo they maun gang to win hame-for deith can no more be yer hame nor a sair fa' upo' the ro'd be yer bed.
  • mat A blind, deaf, and dumb boy, about fourteen years old, who had had less than a year's instruction, was given an order to count out twenty crayons and put them under a mat.
  • meat "I am told," continued Mrs. Chilton, "that when the driver of these dog carts cries 'Cats' Meat,' all the cats look out from their holes and hiding-places for their accustomed piece."
  • moat Last of all, close behind him, marched his friend, the Orakzai Pathan, and as they picked their way among the boulders across the mile-wide moat the two contrived to fall a little to the rear.
  • neat She was always scrupulously neat, being quite old-maidish.
  • oat The servant, seeing a girl with a shabby dress, and a dirty bonnet, from underneath which hung disorderly masses of hair-they would have glinted in the eye of the sun, but in the eye of the maid they looked only dusky and disreputable-for Annie was not kept so tidy on the interest of her money as she had been at the farm-the girl, I say, seeing this, and finding besides, as she thought, that Annie had nothing to say, took her for a beggar, and returning into the kitchen, brought her a piece of oat-cake, the common dole to the young mendicants of the time.
  • pat That evening Pat ventured to tell his mother.
  • peat Of Earthy Peat 128 Challeton's Method, at Mennecy, France 128 " " Langenberg, Prussia 130 Roberts' " Pekin, N. Y. 132 Siemens' " Boeblingen, Wirtemberg 134 b.
  • rat
  • sat
  • seat
  • tat
  • teat
  • vat
  • wad
  • wait
  • wart
  • watt
  • wet
  • wheat
  • whet
  • whit
  • wit
  • woad
  • wort
  • writ
  • wyatt
  • wyeth
  • yak
  • yam
  • yap
  • yaw
  • yet
  • Nat Nat Bonnell is a wave who wouldn't remember a girl who had slipped out of the swim.
  • That
  • Wot
  • What
  • Ya
  • Yt
  • Witt
  • WYO
  • WT
  • PHAT

5 words made from the letters wyat

3 letter words made from wyat:

yaw, tay, taw, way.

4 letter words made from wyat:


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