How to spell XAN'T correctly?

We think the word xan't is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell xan't correctly

  • ant They move stiffly from their wet rest, and hurry to and fro like ants in an ant-hill.
  • ante Sir Gilbert Scott very skilfully made the most of the site, and by the device of the transeptal Ante-Chapel made full use of the space at his disposal.
  • anti By giving a husband to Agrippina, they were also seeking to give a leader to the anti-Tiberian party.
  • aunt "All right, Aunt Jerry.
  • bantu Kulondeka-meaning "safe"-was, it will be remembered, the name by which Harley Greenoak was known among all the tribes by whom the Bantu dialects were spoken.
  • cant There was no cant nor insincerity about him.
  • canto While we lay at El Canto, a few of our officers visited Salamanca, in hopes of meeting some of their old friends of last year; but not a viva greeted their ears on entering the city; a sort of suspicious look of recognition was all they could obtain from those people, who had received us only last summer with such extravagant demonstrations of joy.
  • cent Pont-Gibaud and its castle, 14th cent.
  • chant And the women in their turn took up the chant, and from their grateful breasts rose clear and strong the Psalm of David: "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
  • dante Dante answered me smiling, and his face was always very sweet when he smiled.
  • daunt But the child was buried deep under flaming ruin, where her father, Daunt, who had rushed to save her, was only restrained by main force from plunging after her, to his death.
  • faint When she reached the cliff she felt as if she were about to faint.
  • gaunt She had a sudden vision of Mrs. West's shrill voice, and decided that she might be tiring to this man with the gaunt, sad face.
  • giant Jack sprang into the machine and they reached the beanstalk a hundred yards ahead of the giant.
  • gnat It would be as wise to say that a gnat is mischievous when it stings you, or a bee benevolent because he cannot prevent you stealing his honey.
  • haunt Common crows and vultures haunt the villages, but these, and all other large birds, are very rare in the Khasia.
  • jaunt My father was accustomed to take me with him, but that is the only jaunt at that date which I remember, and that is all I remember of it.
  • kant It was to take the form of a dialogue, to be written in a pleasing style, with a plenty of illustration,-merits to which Kant could lay no claim,-and to review the whole history of aesthetic theorizing.
  • manet Under these circumstances, it is easy to take heed of the warning contained in that classical puzzle of our childhood, Litera scripta manet.
  • manta Manta rays are one of the world's largest, fully grown sharks.
  • nt
  • paint
  • pant He was so tired, he could only pant.
  • panto The panto was amazing.
  • rant
  • saint There once was a saintly monk who spent his days in prayer.
  • san'a This flower is called "san'a.
  • sana She always takes thesan precautionary measures.
  • sand
  • sandy
  • sane
  • sanity I'm starting to worry about your sanity.
  • sat
  • scant She had a scant few ounces left in the bag.
  • sent
  • snit I'm fed up with her snitting at me.
  • taint I can't stand the way that she makes me feel; her taint is overpowering.
  • taunt
  • tnt I heard a loud boom and then saw sparks flying through the air.
  • vaunt
  • want
  • xian To be an xian, you need to be devout and have a strong work ethic.
  • zany She kept trying to explain her zany scheme, but I just couldn't get it.
  • Ain't Well, if he is, it ain't anybody's business but mine.
  • And And he followed Him.
  • Can't Just how big that is you can't realise yet.
  • Meant
  • Nat
  • Shan't
  • Zane In my day, the big city wasn't so bad.
  • Janet Janet looked round in astonishment and put down her work.
  • Santa I will give my little girl a Santa Claus doll for Christmas.
  • San It's six degrees outside, so I'm going to have to wear my heavy San coat.
  • INT jmp swtend ; No cases match or "default" code here a: push ah mov al, 'a mov ah, 0Eh mov bh, 00h int 10h pop ah jmp swtend ; Equivalent to "break" b: push ah mov al, 'b mov ah, 0Eh mov bh, 00h int 10h pop ah jmp swtend ; Equivalent to "break" .
  • ONT
  • hasn't I know it hasn't.
  • wasn't
  • isn't That's so, isn't it, Hobson?"
  • mayn't I'm not allowed to drink alcohol.
  • slant She had a slant of light shining in her eyes.
  • snot I've got a cold, and my nose is so stuffed up, it's like I'm walking around with a soupy

List of 8 words made from the word xan't

3 letter words made from xan't:

'at, 'nt, 'an, n't, tan, ant, tax.

4 letter words made from xan't:


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