Correct spelling for XEBON

We think the word xebon is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for xebon

  • baboon "Very well," retorted the King, angrily; "you will find him baboon enough, I can tell you."
  • ban Fear you not the ban of Holy Church?
  • bean Call Miss Bean," she said to a servant.
  • ben How is business, Ben?"
  • bern They first came to light, when, in the summer of 1528, a second alliance in addition to the Christian Buergerrecht was concluded between Zurich and Bern, who were moved thereto, as they said, by the violent suppression, on the part of the Eight Cantons, of all attempts at Reform in the Common Territories.
  • bin If it hadn't a bin for the sins o' the Garmins my Tom wouldn't ha' lost 'is right hand."
  • bison Deciding which bison shall be leader of the herd.
  • bone It's Mrs Connor would only be as happy as the queen herself to work her hands to the bone for ye, remembering your darlint of a mother, and not belavin' one word against her, nor ye."
  • bonn Leaving Bonn, the army moved on to Cologne, where they were joined by large numbers of Gallic auxiliaries, who at first zealously supported the Roman cause: later, when the Germans prospered, most of the tribes took arms against us, actuated by hopes of liberty and an ambition to establish an empire of their own when once they had shaken off the yoke.
  • bony So they carried him-now a bony simulacrum of his vigorous self-to the old house at Grafton.
  • boon She has thus been given the inestimable boon of freedom.
  • born "Why not call him 'Chist,' since he was born in a chist out of the sea?
  • bun I have skates for all but Margy and Mun Bun.
  • carbon And all the plants growing upon the surface of the earth, like that which I have brought here to serve as an illustration, absorb carbon.
  • cebu The most ancient miraculous image in these Islands appears to be the Santo Nino de Cebu-the Holy Child of Cebu.
  • cebuano On April 17,1901, Governor W. H. Taft went to Cebu accompanied by a Filipino, H. Pardo de Tavera, whose views were diametrically opposed to those of the Cebuano majority.
  • ceylon From him I soon learnt that the character of Ceylon for game had never been exaggerated; and from that moment my preparations for the jungle commenced.
  • ebony All the space between was gloomy and black as ebony.
  • gabon Land boundaries: 4,591 km total; Central African Republic 797 km, Chad 1,094 km, Congo 523 km, Equatorial Guinea 189 km, Gabon 298 km, Nigeria 1,690 km
  • gibbon The great ladies of that race-it would be somewhere in Gibbon-weren't, apparently, questioned about their mysteries.
  • lisbon "No, sir; no transport could be obtained in Lisbon, and it was found impossible to despatch any muskets to you.
  • newborn Day and night I go about through this district with a bag of medicine and surgical instruments trying to save the lives of people-men and women and newborn babies-who would never be sick if it was not for the crimes of capitalism!
  • reborn Cleansed by tribulation and atonement, The broken nation rose from her knees, And with hope reborn in her heart set forth again Upon the open road to ideal democracy.
  • reuben Still Reuben thought that I might be mistaken.
  • ribbon And I must have the ribbon.
  • sabin "I can assure you," Mr. Sabin said, "that I had not the faintest idea of coming.
  • sabine The Goths are coming; they are most surely marching down through the Sabine mountains, on the Via Casperia and Salara."
  • scion The revolutionary general accepted the strange trust reposed in him by his opponent, and passing off the scion of royalty as his nephew, Monsieur Louis, took him to Egypt with him.
  • seaborne Miriam had been keeping much alone these last few days, and this morning was out by herself in the usual way. Spence was engaged with Seaborne.
  • season Nicomedia lay on their route; and the brethren of that place hastened in a body to the post-house, and had a season of prayer with the exiles, which greatly comforted them.
  • seen I turned immediately, and accompanied by the mule-driver, followed Mike across a little open square into a small and narrow street, at the end of which a light was seen faintly twinkling.
  • sen Nance and Judy were at the breakfast, too, and Otoyo Sen, and Lawrence Upton who had come over on the trolley from Exmoor.
  • senor But tell me, senor, by what you love best, is this Ciudad Real wine?"
  • serbian I have faced death many times for the King of Kosnovia, said the harsh Serbian voice, and I shall not shrink from it now, whether at the hands of the King or his foes.
  • sermon "Well, I'll not sleep during the sermon," promised Blake.
  • seton Yestreen the queen she had four Maries; The night, she has but three; There was Mary Seton and Mary Beaton, And Mary Carmichael and me.
  • sewn Eyes and other features can be sewn on in silk.
  • son If he had hesitated when the boy was only a baby to tell her that her darling was not his only son, it was less and less easy to him to think of bringing Jan,-of whom he knew nothing-from the rough life of the mill to supplant Lady Adelaide's child, when the boy grew more charming as every year went by.
  • soon Come in again soon, won't you?"
  • suborn
  • xenon
  • xian
  • zebu
  • zen
  • zeno
  • zion
  • Been It has not been in him to do so.
  • Sean Bounce Back " is a song by American rapper Big Sean, serving as the lead single from his fourth album, I Decided (2017).
  • Xenia
  • Bono The title of the lecture is identical with that of our Society-Cui Bono?
  • Eben "No. Eben never showed 'em to me.
  • Osborn By Henry Fairfield Osborn.
  • Sabina The estates of Brabant, upon the petition of Sabina, Countess Egmont, that they would take to heart the privileges of the province, so that her husband might enjoy that protection of which the meanest citizen in the land could not be justly deprived, addressed a feeble and trembling protest to Alva, and enclosed to him the lady's petition.
  • ISBN CS1 maint: ASIN uses ISBN (link) ↑ Marek Kohn, The Independent - "Book review: An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist, By Richard Dawkins", 27 September 2013 Accessed 25 January 2018↑ Eric Liebetrau: "‘An Appetite for Wonder’ by Richard Dawkins- Memoir details the early life of an influential atheist" Boston Globe 30 September 2013 Accessed 25 January 2018↑ Beyond Belief.

23 words made from the letters xebon

3 letter words made from xebon:

nox, nbe, ben, neb, eon, nob, box, one, ebn, neo.

4 letter words made from xebon:

beon, onex, oxen, nexo, beno, boen, xeon, exon, bone, oben, ebon, boxe, nebo.

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