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How to spell XONED correctly?

If you are trying to type "xoned" but it keeps getting flagged as a misspelling, fear not! The word you may be looking for could be "zoned". Ensure you're correctly expressing the concept of being in a specific zone or area. Remember to double-check spellings to avoid confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell xoned correctly

  • bond They created a strong bond that lasted for years.
  • boned The chef boned the whole chicken before roasting it.
  • Caned
  • Coined
  • ConEd The electricity company ConEd is in the news again.
  • Conned I was afraid I'd be conned by the salesman who sold me the used car.
  • corned I'm looking for corned beef that doesn't have any sort of sauce on it.
  • Dined Last night, I dined with my friends at a cozy restaurant downtown.
  • Donned She donned her favorite outfit for her big presentation at work.
  • downed The plane was downed by a cannonball from a pirate ship.
  • fined If you are caught smoking in a no-smoking area, you will be fined.
  • fond As a child, I was fond of playing in the park.
  • gonad
  • gowned The bride was beautifully gowned in an elegant white wedding dress.
  • Honed In the salon, Johana honed her skills on the straight razor.
  • horned The horned lizard is a typical lizard found in the United States.
  • joined I joined the club to make some new friends.
  • lined Bob lined his new shoe with duct tape.
  • Loaned She loaned me twenty dollars when I forgot my wallet at home.
  • Maned Holy smokes, that's maned!
  • mined The workers mined the coal from the underground tunnels.
  • Moaned She moaned in pain as the dentist pulled her tooth.
  • monet
  • Mooned The group of teenagers laughed as they mooned the passing cars on the highway.
  • Ned Ned the dog tossed a ball around the yard.
  • nosed The dog nosed its way through the garbage bin.
  • owned She owned several properties in different cities.
  • phoned I just phoned my mom to tell her I'm home.
  • Pined
  • pond The pond was full of frogs.
  • soled The hiking boots were soled with high-quality Vibram rubber.
  • sowed She sowed the seeds in the garden and now beautiful flowers have bloomed.
  • stoned
  • toned She spent hours at the gym to get toned muscles.
  • tuned She meticulously tuned her guitar before performing on stage.
  • Waned As summer waned, the days grew shorter and colder.
  • wined After dinner, he wined and dined his guests at a fancy restaurant.
  • zone I feel most comfortable when I'm in my comfort zone.
  • Zoned He zoned out during the lecture and missed the important details.
  • zones I need to buy some zones for my garden.
  • zonked I was so zonked from the party I couldn't even get up.

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