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How to spell XRAYS correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling, "X-rays" is the way to go. Many people often mistakenly write it as "xrays", dropping the hyphen and capitalizing the "x". Remember, X-rays are a valuable tool in medical diagnosis and imaging, so it's important to spell it correctly.

List of suggestions on how to spell xrays correctly

  • arrays Many programming languages offer useful functions for working with arrays.
  • BRAS My bras are in the wash.
  • brass Her uncle gave her a brass telescope for her birthday.
  • brays
  • crass I found her to be quite crass.
  • draws The artist draws a beautiful landscape using oil paints.
  • drays The sound of drays rumbling through the street could be heard from blocks away.
  • DRYS
  • forays The forays into the forest were exhilarating.
  • frays She always Frays her hair when she's nervous.
  • grass I prefer to walk on the grass instead of the pavement.
  • GRAYS The GRAYS of his hair contrasted with the black of his suit.
  • Greys The sky was filled with different shades of greys as the storm approached.
  • IRAS An infrared sky survey telescope, IRAS, was launched in 1983.
  • prays
  • preys
  • RAYS One of the most popular effects in magic is the " Rays" card effect.
  • says
  • slays She always slays the dance competition with her breathtaking moves.
  • spays She spays her cat so it doesn't have any kittens.
  • sprays He sprays water on the garden to keep it hydrated.
  • stays She stays in mind constantly.
  • strays The animal shelter was full of strays, all waiting for their forever homes.
  • sways
  • Trays She carried the trays of food to the table for the guests.
  • treys The basketball player scored two treys in the last minute of the game.
  • X-rays
  • xmas I am going to throw a xmas party this year.

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