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How to spell YANKY correctly?

If you meant to write "yanky" but realized it was incorrect, here are a few possible correct suggestions. You may have wanted to write "yank" to refer to someone from the United States. Alternatively, if you were referring to a Yankees fan, "Yankee" would be the accurate term. Double-check your intended meaning and ensure accurate spelling for clearer communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell yanky correctly

  • bank
  • dank The basement was damp and smelled dank.
  • hank
  • hanky He pulled out his hanky to wipe his forehead on this hot summer day.
  • inky The inky blackness of the night sky was illuminated by the stars.
  • lank Her lank hair brushed against her waist as she leaned forward to read.
  • lanky The basketball player had a lanky build that gave him an advantage on the court.
  • manky The old sofa in the basement was so manky that no one wanted to sit on it.
  • rank
  • Sank The boat sank after hitting a large rock in the middle of the river.
  • tank The tank was designed to protect the city from the enemy.
  • yak It's time to Yak around the block.
  • Yang The concept of yin and yang is an important principle in Taoism.
  • yank I saw my dad yank the weeds out of the garden.
  • Yanked She yanked the shirt out of my hand and ran away with it.
  • yankee I'm a Yankee, and I love baseball.
  • yanks During the American Revolution, the yanks fought for independence from Great Britain.
  • yucky The thought of eating cold, leftover vegetables made the child cringe and exclaim, "yucky!
  • yukky I always eat yukky food.

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