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How to spell YAVEH correctly?

If you've misspelled "Yaveh", fear not! The correct suggestion for this term is actually "Yahweh". Yahweh, also known as Jehovah, is the Hebrew name for God in the Bible. So, if you want the accurate spelling for this divine name, stick with Yahweh!

List of suggestions on how to spell yaveh correctly

  • AVE The students chanted " Ave Maria" during the procession.
  • Aver I can aver that I have not seen him since yesterday.
  • AVH
  • Cave The kids loved exploring the dark, mysterious cave.
  • Caved After hours of negotiation, the suspect finally caved and confessed to the crime.
  • Caver The caver squeezed through the narrow tunnel in the dark, underground cave system.
  • Caves The spelunkers explored the dark and winding caves deep beneath the earth's surface.
  • Dave Dave is a friendly and outgoing person who loves meeting new people.
  • Davey Davey will join us for dinner tonight.
  • Eave The bird perched on the eave of the roof, watching as the sun began to rise.
  • Eaves The birds have built their nests in the eaves of the house.
  • Fave My fave thing to do on a lazy Sunday is watch movies.
  • Faves My faves from the restaurant are the chicken wings and the jalapeño poppers.
  • Gave I gave her the book as a birthday gift.
  • Gavel The judge struck the gavel on the desk to signal the end of the trial.
  • Have I have already finished the task.
  • Havel Václav Havel was a Czech playwright, essayist, poet, and politician who had become the first democratically elected president of Czechoslovakia.
  • Haven After a long day, their cozy living room felt like a haven from the outside world.
  • Haves The haves of society tend to hold onto their wealth and power, while the have-nots struggle to make ends meet.
  • Lave I need to lave my hand after working in the garden.
  • Laved She took a hot shower and laved her sore muscles.
  • Laves
  • MAPEH MAPEH stands for Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health, which are important subjects in a well-rounded education.
  • Maven As a social media maven, she was able to build a massive following and increase engagement for her brand.
  • Nave The nave of the cathedral is absolutely massive, with vaulted ceilings that seem to shoot up to the sky.
  • Navel She applied some lotion to her navel to help alleviate the discomfort caused by the belly button piercing.
  • Naves The naves of the cathedral were filled with intricate carvings and statues.
  • Pave The city is planning to pave the road leading to the beach next summer.
  • Paved The road was well paved and provided a smooth ride.
  • Pavel Pavel is a talented musician who can play the piano and the guitar.
  • Paver We used interlocking pavers to create a beautiful and durable patio.
  • Paves The construction of the new road paves the way for easier access to the city.
  • Rave I went to a rave last weekend and danced until dawn.
  • Raved She raved about the new restaurant and recommended that we all try it.
  • Ravel I love listening to Ravel's orchestral works.
  • Raven The raven perched on the tree branch, keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings.
  • Raver The raver danced energetically at the music festival all night long.
  • Raves The music festival was full of raves and excitement.
  • Save I'll save you a seat for the concert tonight.
  • Saved The firefighters saved the family's cat from the burning building.
  • Saver Using coupons and shopping during sales can make you a smart saver.
  • Saves The new software saves time for the employees.
  • Wave The sound of the ocean's waves was comforting as I watched the sun slowly sink below the horizon.
  • Waved The crowd waved their flags in unison as the parade went by.
  • Waver She didn't waver in her decision to stand up for what was right.
  • Waves The sound of the waves crashing against the shore always puts me at ease.
  • Yael Yael is a popular Hebrew name that means "mountain goat".
  • Yahweh People often use Yahweh as a form of address while praying, especially among those who believe in the Abrahamic religions.
  • Yale Yale University is known for its prestigious undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.
  • Yaren Yaren is the second largest town in Nauru.
  • Yates Yates was one of the most passionate and committed members of the team.
  • Yawed The boat yawed back and forth in the choppy waters.
  • Yves Yves Saint Laurent was a prominent French fashion designer.

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