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How to spell YAVORI correctly?

The correct spelling for "yavori" could be "yavari". Other possible suggestions include "yabari" or "yavory". Double-checking the intended meaning or consulting a dictionary might help in finding the correct spelling and ensuring clarity in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell yavori correctly

  • cavort The children cavorted in the park for hours, playing tag and hide-and-seek.
  • favor As a gesture of favor, she offered to lend him some money.
  • favors She always begs me to do her favors, but never returns the favor.
  • Maori The Maori people have a rich culture and history that is deeply intertwined with the land and sea.
  • satori During deep meditation, some individuals have reported experiencing a sense of satori, or sudden spiritual enlightenment.
  • savor The chef instructed us to savor the flavors of each bite as we enjoyed the multicourse meal.
  • savors
  • savory I love adding savory spices to my soups and stews.
  • Xatori

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