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How to spell YAZEDE correctly?

For the misspelling "yazede", the correct suggestions could be "yazidi" or "yazd". "Yazidi" refers to a religious minority group, while "Yazd" is a historic city in Iran known for its architectural beauty. Double-checking spellings with available resources can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell yazede correctly

  • Dazed After the car accident, the driver was dazed and couldn't remember what had happened.
  • Fazed She didn't seem fazed by the news of the storm heading their way.
  • Gazed The young girl gazed up at the stars, lost in thought.
  • Hazed The new fraternity members were hazed harshly during their initiation process.
  • Lazed I lazed around the house all day instead of doing my weekend errands.
  • Razed The hurricane razed entire neighborhoods to the ground, leaving many homeless.
  • Yawed The boat yawed in the rough water, making everyone feel nauseous.
  • Yazidi The Yazidi community has faced genocide and persecution in their homeland of Iraq.

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