How to spell YBUT correctly?

We think the word ybut is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell ybut correctly

  • abet But that kind of man generally contrives to aid and abet his own destruction.
  • about Tell me what it was about."
  • abut To fasten C upon the work, three screws threaded through F abut against the end of C; F being secured to the upper surface of A by a key or slip, which fits into a groove in F, and projects down into such of the grooves in the upper surface of A as may best suit the width of work to be held in the vice; C is held down by the bolts and nuts at G.
  • bat I recognized the strange bat, the grotesque outlines.
  • bet The impostor had taken it out of his pocket in making his bet, and had forgotten it.
  • bit They don't like it a bit when people come where they have their nests.
  • blt Clover Food Labs BLT sandwich uses soy bacon, and has been cited as the best BLT sandwich in Boston by Mayor Thomas Menino.
  • bot Towards evening the Dutch sent one of their merchants to me, with a writing from their doctor-of-laws, who was their chief in the absence of De Bot, or Blocke, who had come from Holland as general over eleven ships.
  • bout Well he remembered it, when they shared a room at 'Bambury's'-that hump of Johnny Dromore's, after some reckless spree or bout of teasing.
  • brut Carpenter Brut Live (2017)
  • bud
  • bug
  • bum I left my laptop at the bums house.
  • bun
  • bunt
  • bur Buried beneath the snow, the body was never found.
  • burt I need to borrow a burt for the weekend.
  • bus
  • bust
  • but I would like to go on a date with you, but I'm not sure we're compatible.
  • buy
  • cut
  • debut She made her debut in the play this weekend.
  • gout The attack of gout is often sudden and excruciating.
  • gut
  • hut I'm going to take my hut down.
  • jut He always seems to jut out in front.
  • lout A lout was causing a disturbance on the platform.
  • nut I refuse to eat a nut.
  • obit The death of a loved one is an obituary.
  • out We can't leave. The party's already out.
  • pout I'm not mad, but I do not appreciate your pout.
  • put He put the book on the table.
  • rebut I cannot rebut your claims.
  • rout
  • rut The rut must be avoided at all costs.
  • shut
  • taut After being caught cheating on her math test, she felt a stab of guilt and a taut feeling in her stomach.
  • tout I told her that I tout for my clients.
  • ut Every utensil in the kitchen is accounted for.
  • yb I took the yellow bus to the yellow stop.
  • yet I refuse to give up on you yet.
  • Bub I can tell you about my bubbly personality.
  • Yt You need to eat more protein to build muscle.
  • yurt The yurt was spacious and wonderfully bright.
  • Tut I'm tutting in exasperation.
  • BU I have a batch of BU coffee beans.
  • FUT
  • NEUT

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