How to spell YEARE correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "yeare" instead of "year", don't worry; here are some possible correct alternatives. Double-checking your spelling is crucial, so try "year", the conventional and proper spelling. Avoid confusion while communicating by using the correct spelling, ensuring your message is clear and error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell yeare correctly

  • are
  • bare The tree was stripped bare of its leaves in winter.
  • bearer The bearer of bad news was nervous to deliver the message.
  • care
  • dare I dare you to try that spicy salsa!
  • dearer To me, the memories of Grandma's house are far dearer than any material possession I could ever own.
  • deary
  • deere I love going out in my deere Yadkin Valley.
  • eire
  • Ere I know the Ere-King will approve.
  • Eyre The character Jane Eyre is known for her strength and independence in the classic novel.
  • fare I'll buy you a ticket to take care of the fare.
  • Gere
  • hare I feel like I'm being followed by a hare.
  • hearer The communicative act is incomplete without the hearer's response.
  • here
  • leary
  • mare The mare ran freely in the field.
  • mere I'm sorry, I just don't have time for this - just a mere coincidence, nothing more.
  • nearer I moved nearer to the stage in order to get a better view.
  • pare
  • peary
  • rare Rare animals can only be found in zoos.
  • rear I looked in my rear-view mirror to see if anyone was behind me.
  • sere The sere trees are beautiful against the dusty ground.
  • share Do you have any torches I could share with the group?
  • tare The tare weight of the packaging should be deducted from the total weight of the product.
  • teary She had teary eyes after watching a sad movie.
  • ware The store sells a variety of kitchen ware including pots, pans, and cooking utensils.
  • we're
  • wearer A wearer of a suit is the individual who wears the clothing.
  • weary I often feel weary after a long day at work.
  • Were If it were up to me, I would choose the blue one.
  • yale I'm a senior at Yale.
  • yard I could use some help moving the furniture to the front yard.
  • yarn I love knitting with soft, colorful yarn.
  • yea
  • yeah I know you're feeling a little down, so I'll say yeah to your idea.
  • year Each year, the leaves change color.
  • yearly I receive a yearly bonus from my employer.
  • yearn
  • years
  • Yer Please give me a yer before you go.
  • yore In days of yore, people used to rely only on traditional methods of transportation.

Misspelling of the day


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  • apologist
  • apologize
  • apologized
  • apologizes
  • eulogized