How to spell YHEARS correctly?

We think the word yhears is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell yhears correctly

  • hays I have had Mrs. Hays take the babies to Colorado Springs, and if anything happens to us here, I'll trust to you to see to them.
  • heaps There is nothing but stone heaps there-not a single island!
  • hear "I'm sorry to hear that," said the girl.
  • hearsay About our gas-pumps I know nothing except by hearsay.
  • hearse If it had been a hearse instead of a post-chaise, it would have been all the same to the people of Heidelberg,-though by no means the same to Paul Flemming.
  • hearst
  • hearts The love of my life is gone, and all I can do is cry myself to sleep.
  • hess The hound she set upon the hare folowed to the hess of the hunter's hut.
  • hoarse My hoarse voice makes me sound old.
  • shears I need to get a set of shears to cut the meat.
  • years She has spent the last ten years of her life living in Paris.
  • Has
  • Hers
  • Haws I always use ear protection when I hammer wood because the sound of the hammering can be really loud.
  • Hairs The woman's long black hair was so beautiful.
  • heads She had a headache and needed to get heads.
  • hears
  • heats The interior of the car was too warm.
  • heals Healing cuts and bruises can take hours to fully heal.
  • heirs The heirs to the throne are direct descendants of the monarch.
  • HaaS Microsoft has announced a cloud-based solution called "HaaS" which stands for "Hadoop as a Service.
  • HES
  • EARS I have very large ears.
  • HEWS I have a Hews-Johnson machine.
  • hoers
  • rehears

List of 95 words made from the word yhears

4 letter words made from yhears:

hera, ashy, shyr, hyer, erya, ares, easy, hays, seha, yesh, eash, hyas, hare, aery, ayre, seay, rahe, heya, rhea, resh, eyas, yahr, ryas, hysa, ayer, seya, shay, ashe, yehr, sehr, rash, sear, year, rase, yser, hear, hayr, yeah, heys, yeas, yrsa, arse, reay, eyra, rahy, arey, reys, rhye, ryes.

3 letter words made from yhears:

ayr, are, era, ash, sea, esr, ear, ras, ray, yes, say, res, rya, yea, hay, shy, sha, rye.

5 letter words made from yhears:

hyers, rayes, hayes, hayer, shyer, share, heary, yesha, resay, hears, hares, hesar, shray, ayesh, yaser, rasey, shaer, eyras, shayr, hyser, reasy, saher, shear, years, ashey, yeahs, sehra, arsey.

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