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How to spell YUSED correctly?

If you accidentally typed "yused" instead of "used", here are some possible alternatives. You could try "utilized", "employed" or "deployed" depending on the context. Another option may be "old" or "previously owned" if you're referring to an item. Remember to proofread to avoid such mistakes in the future.

List of suggestions on how to spell yused correctly

  • based The film is based on a true story about a group of astronauts.
  • Busied
  • cased The detective cased the house before entering.
  • Caused The storm caused damage to buildings and knocked down power lines.
  • cursed The cursed amulet brought nothing but misfortune upon its owner.
  • cussed Despite her mother's warnings, the cussed child continued to misbehave in public.
  • dosed The nurse dosed the patient with the proper amount of medication.
  • Doused The firefighters quickly doused the flames before they could spread to neighboring buildings.
  • eased As she took a deep breath, her tense muscles eased and she began to relax.
  • fused
  • Fussed I fussed over my outfit for hours before realizing that I was going to be late for the party.
  • HOSED My car was hosed after getting pulled over.
  • Housed
  • loused I'm really loused up.
  • Moused I moused over the link to read the description.
  • Mused As she stared out the window, she mused about all the different paths her life could have taken.
  • Mussed After the party her hair was mussed and her dress was rumpled.
  • nosed
  • nursed She nursed her sick child back to health with soup and love.
  • Paused The movie paused for a moment due to a technical glitch.
  • posed I posed for a picture and it really made me feel happy.
  • Pursed
  • reused The set of furniture was reused from a previous home.
  • Roused
  • soused Kristen was so soused at the party she couldn't even walk.
  • Sued He was sued by his former employer for breach of contract.
  • used
  • wised As she grew older, she wised up and learned to listen to her instincts.
  • Yawed I yawed when I saw the raccoon on the roof.
  • yeses There were a lot of yeses in response to the proposal.
  • Yoked

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