How to spell YYOU correctly?

If you accidentally type "yyou" instead of "you", don't fret! Auto-correct mishaps happen to the best of us. To rectify this error, you can simply hit the backspace key twice to remove the duplicate "y". Alternatively, you can tap the "delete" key once to erase the entire word and retype it accurately as "you."

List of suggestions on how to spell yyou correctly

  • bayou The alligator was lurking in the murky bayou.
  • chou I love to snack on chou pastry when I'm in the mood for something sweet.
  • iou I need to repay my IOU to my friend before the end of the month.
  • Lou Lou is a nickname for the name Louis.
  • sou In Brazil, feijoada is a meat stew that is traditionally served with white rice, collard greens, farofa, and a slice of orange to balance the acidity of the sou.
  • thou " Thou art my heart and soul," declared the knight to his beloved.
  • WYO I'm going to warn you, the WyO pool is freezing.
  • yalu
  • YO That's yo' n***a.
  • yob
  • yon
  • You You are doing a fantastic job on this project.
  • Your
  • YOUS
  • Yow " Yow, that was impressive!" exclaimed my friend, as I completed my gymnastics routine.

Misspelling of the day


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  • consulted
  • convoluted
  • convulsed