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How to spell ZAR correctly?

If the misspelling "zar" is intended to be the word "car", then possible correct suggestions could include "car", "automobile", "vehicle" or "motor". If the misspelling "zar" is not intended to be any of these words, then more context is needed to provide accurate suggestions for the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell zar correctly

  • ar
  • bar I am going to grab a drink at the bar.
  • car I went to pick up my friend in my car.
  • czar The Czar of Russia was assassinated in 1917.
  • Dar
  • ear I have a piercing on my left ear.
  • far
  • gar
  • jar Can you please grab me a jar of peanut butter from the pantry?
  • mar The rough seas had begun to mar the paint on the side of the boat.
  • oar The boat moved silently through the water as the rower pulled on the oar.
  • par I always try to shoot under par when I play golf.
  • tar The road was freshly coated with sticky tar.
  • UAR The UAR is an abbreviation for the United Arab Republic.
  • war The country declared a state of war against its neighboring nation.
  • zap She used the electric fly swatter to zap the pesky mosquito.
  • Zara I'm going to Zara tomorrow.
  • zr

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