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How to spell ZEAUS correctly?

If you meant to spell "Zeaus", it's likely you intended to type "Zeus". Zeus, in Greek mythology, is the king of the gods. Double-check your spelling and consider using an online dictionary or spell-checker to avoid errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell zeaus correctly

  • Beaus My sister's beaus always seem to have impeccable manners.
  • cetus A cetus is a giant animal that is found in the sea.
  • EARS The ears of the rabbit were standing up.
  • jesus This sentence contains the word "jesus.
  • LEAS
  • MEAS The MEAS function in Excel can help you calculating the average of a range of numbers.
  • Peas My mom always has peas on her dinner table.
  • seals The seals on the outside of the container must be intact to ensure safe transport.
  • seams I had to fix the seams on my dress before the big event.
  • sears After decades of being a retail giant, Sears has recently struggled to keep up with changing consumer habits and competition.
  • seas The seas were raging.
  • seats We should occupy the seats at the back of the room.
  • TAUS Your book is on Taus.
  • TEAS I am going to brew some herbal teas for my guests.
  • ZAPS The bee's stinger zaps the skin causing a painful sensation.
  • zeal The monks had a zeal for their work.
  • zealous She was zealous about environmental conservation and spent most of her free time volunteering for various organizations.
  • zebu The zebu is a common livestock animal in Africa.
  • zebus Zebus are a species of domesticated cattle found mainly in South Asia.
  • Zeros There are five zeros in the number 100,000.
  • zeus The god Zeus is often depicted with a thunderbolt.
  • Zulus The Zulus are an ethnic group in Southern Africa known for their bravery in battle.

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