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How to spell ZUMA correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "zuma" could include Zuma Beach, a popular beach in Malibu, California; Zumaia, a town in Spain known for its geological formations; or Zuma Rock, a large monolith located in Nigeria.

List of suggestions on how to spell zuma correctly

  • Ama I am proud of my ama who raised me with love and care.
  • bum The homeless man begged for money on the street corner with a sign that read "will work for food" as he was labeled a bum by the passing motorists.
  • burma Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a country in Southeast Asia known for its rich history and culture.
  • coma
  • dumb He made a dumb mistake by forgetting his keys in the car.
  • Emma
  • Erma Erma was a beloved member of the community and will be greatly missed.
  • Fum
  • fume
  • Fumy I'm not a fan of the smell of fumy.
  • GAMA
  • gum I always carry a pack of gum in my purse for fresh breath.
  • hum The noise from the fan made her hum.
  • hume
  • Irma Hurricane Irma is projected to be one of the strongest hurricane season storms in history.
  • kama She loves to go for walks on the beach, but she always brings her kama along.
  • lama The lama's voice was soft and soothing.
  • lima I love to eat the tasty lima beans.
  • ma
  • mama Mama, I need your help with my homework.
  • mum Mum is coming home.
  • numb I was feeling a bit numb after the surgery.
  • puma The puma is a large carnivorous cat found in mountainous regions of North and South America.
  • rama
  • rum I can hardly stand the smell of rum.
  • sum The sum of 4 and 5 is 9.
  • sumac I added a pinch of sumac to my salad for added flavor.
  • sumo In sumo, the biggest, strongest wrestlers push and shove each other to get to the center of the ring.
  • sump I need to replace the sump pump in my basement before it floods again.
  • sums The accountant calculates the sums for the company's annual revenue.
  • suva
  • tum
  • UM
  • YUM I'm feeling yum tonight.
  • yuma
  • Zara Zara is a popular fashion brand known for its trendy designs and affordable prices.
  • Zelma Zelma is the name of a beautiful and intelligent woman.
  • zeta The zeta function is used to calculate the sixth root of a number.
  • zola
  • zomba I zomba you.
  • zulu The Zulu tribe is known for their intricate beadwork and colorful clothing.
  • zuni During my visit to the Zuni Pueblo, I learned about their unique Ceremonial dances.

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