How to spell ZUMANITY correctly?

We think the word zumanity is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell zumanity correctly

  • amenity Owing to the extreme amenity of his disposition, the son of the Schoolmaster was unusually beloved, and the confrere of M. Pipelet was deeply grieved to learn that so quiet and well-conducted a lodger was about to quit the house, and to that purpose the worthy porter warmly expressed himself.
  • community "My salary was so small that I had to live partly on my own means; and yet the Jewish School- Community withheld from me part of the amount of firewood granted me by law.
  • emanate Here is that corner, not the western one of the horoscope, but on the earth whither, by permission of my Imperial master, I have betaken myself from a too uneasy Court; and whence, during these years of my life, which now tends towards its setting, emanate these Harmonics and the other matters on which I am engaged.
  • humanity I do not know of any act of humanity that calls forth louder praise than to so act and speak and do as that humanity shall not only catch the inspiration, but shall make material progress on a better understanding of surrounding conditions.
  • humanoid The little humanoid, caterpillar-track mechanism that we all tend to think of as Snookums isn't really Snookums, any more than a human being is a hand or an eye.
  • immunity It is during that lengthened leisure that the one will apply himself to self-improvement, and, by developing himself, will increase the value of his citizenship to the State; and it is during that prolonged immunity from restraint that the other will compass his own deterioration and exert his influence for the general impoverishment.
  • manet But Manet just painted it without circumlocutions of any kind.
  • manta The mules and donkeys which come in from the country are generally very picturesque, with a network of crimson silk tassels over their heads, and a bright-coloured manta thrown across their sleek, glossy backs.
  • sanity It pronounced in a single breath the girl's right name and his pledge of a return to sanity.
  • scanty Our tunnel had to pass between these hostile undertakings just at the point where the former of these lay above the other with a very scanty space between.
  • summit And every step that you take to the summit reveals but more lights, and more, in the hamlets asleep at your foot.
  • sunnite The tenets of their religion, it is true, forbid them to sell into slavery any but unbelievers, but hypocritical Bokhara knows how to elude the law. Besides the Shi-ite Persians, who are declared to be unbelievers by the Sunnite law, any number of Sunnite true believers are sold into slavery, conscience being salved by the simple process of compelling them before their sale and by the most cruel tortures to confess to being Shi-ites.
  • Monty There can't be sweeter country anywhere than this, which I'm trying to lure you to come and see when you and Monty can take your second honeymoon, as we are doing; but it has no look of being undiscovered like some we saw the day before.
  • Mandy In vain did Mandy lavish tokens of favor on "Mister Johnsing."
  • Minty He had no doubt but that the malice of Minty Brown would prompt her to seek out all of his friends and make the story known.
  • smarty Old Huz-and-Buz came pretty near to getting lynched the first week, for playing the smarty and drawling out as they went by, 'Miss Montmorency, I believe?

List of 244 words made from the word zumanity

3 letter words made from zumanity:

tan, mya, atm, uni, yam, tin, uta, tay, nay, nit, azt, aim, tau, tai, anu, nut, man, may, ain, ant, tiu, mit, tia, mat, uzi, tun, iuz, min, mut, tam, tum, ani, nim, uma, any.

4 letter words made from zumanity:

mutz, maiz, iyaz, mazu, nazm, minz, muti, zima, azin, numi, ainu, naum, tuam, munt, ayim, mayu, zaun, mina, tuny, myun, azny, mazy, tiya, aiyn, tuna, myna, tyin, nuta, nitz, mayi, muny, anti, tian, niya, aunt, muay, utan, ayun, tuzi, numt, mauz, myat, tuni, anzu, niza, mizu, azmi, zany, miyu, auty, untz, yuna, nayi, yima, munz, yuan, unit, tiny, zint, nuzi, many, yaum, yuni, yazi, nyum, nyai, muzi, yinz, tumi, ayni, zami, yant, unti, ziyu, zuta, iynu, atum, uman, zaum, uzma, muza, nuit, zuni, tuin, tuya, tayi, zani, nazi, itum, ziua, naty, umit, atun, inya, muya, yani, nutz, maui, tyum, yuma, zayu, taiz, zayn, iyan, yuin, zuan, matn, timu, aizu, ayin, muan, inma, yutz, maun, unza, mitz, yzma, zman, main, mint, tany, uitm.

5 letter words made from zumanity:

mizan, autin, munia, muntz, azumi, mutai, niyaz, inamu, taizu, myint, tuman, mainz, matzu, mantu, uinta, utina, iyman, nazim, yaizu, nazmi, maniu, ziman, animu, minya, mintz, nitya, yamit, timna, yanti, zayin, yamun, zinta, antum, utian, miyan, mitya, yuman, manzi, zyman, umina, utami, nauti, tumin, tanui, nyima, maynt, zainy, yuzna, zymin, antim, manti, matiz, ntumi, timan, zunyi, amity, uniat, muniz, tunya, yantz, unity, tuina, zimny, tanzi, maity, yanzi, mitau, manty, aunty, mutya, miyun, aminu, yutai, tanum, nyamu, mauzy, minzu, mauny, zamin, nzima, nayim, mazut, tamin, anyim, azmin, nuami, yumin.

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