How to Pronounce nags?

Correct pronunciation for the word "nags" is [nˈaɡz], [nˈaɡz], [n_ˈa_ɡ_z].

"Nags" in context

Nags, otherwise known as nagging, is a term used to describe someone's constant complaints or demands. It's an undesirable behavior that can have a negative effect on an entire family. It can be incredibly frustrating and can lead to hurt feelings and arguments.

Nags typically make unreasonable demands or complaint about everyday matters. They may ask too many questions, criticize others or make too many demands. It can become obsessive and disruptive to the family's peace.

Nags can interfere with the well-being of a family. When a person is constantly nagging and making unreasonable demands, it can create stress and tension within the family.

What are similar-sounding words for nags?


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