How to Pronounce Noe?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Noe" is [nˈə͡ʊ], [nˈə‍ʊ], [n_ˈəʊ].

What are the misspellings for Noe?

"Noe" in context

Noe is a popular given name in the Spanish language, derived from the Hebrew name Noah. It is sometimes used as a surname as well.

In the Bible, Noah was commanded by God to build a large boat and fill it with pairs of animals. He was then commanded to bring his family with him as the waters of a flood engulfed the land. After the flood was over, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise to never again produce a flood of such magnitude. Because of Noah's faithfulness, he is remembered with this name to encourage others to be obedient and faithful to God.

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Usage over time for Noe:

This graph shows how "Noe" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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