How to Pronounce o k d?

Correct pronunciation for the word "o k d" is [ˈə͡ʊ kˈe͡ɪ dˈiː], [ˈə‍ʊ kˈe‍ɪ dˈiː], [ˈəʊ k_ˈeɪ d_ˈiː].

"O k d" in context

OKD is a platform for deploying and managing applications on private clouds. It is based on the open source project of Red Hat's origin, which was formerly known as OpenShift Origin. OKD stands for "OKD, the Origin Community Distribution of Kubernetes that powers Red Hat OpenShift". OKD provides an integrated container solution and brings DevOps best practices to Linux container deployments. It allows developers to quickly deploy their applications on their own environment and manage them with the help of a fully featured web console.

OKD is suitable for many different types of applications, including web applications, microservices, databases, and more.

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