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How to Pronounce ohai?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ohai" is [ˈə͡ʊha͡ɪ], [ˈə‍ʊha‍ɪ], [ˈəʊ_h_aɪ].

What are the misspellings for ohai?

  • ohair,
  • ohae,
  • ohais,
  • oihai,
  • olhai,
  • pohai,
  • 9ohai,
  • o9hai,
  • obhai,
  • ohbai,
  • onhai,
  • ohnai,
  • ojhai,
  • ohjai,
  • ouhai,
  • ohaie,
  • ohaei,
  • ohaiy,
  • oahai,
  • ohaui

"Ohai" in context

Ohai is a computer program designed to help administrative teams streamline their operations. The goal of OHAI is to automate administrative tasks which are usually completed manually. OHAI is widely used by IT professionals, system administrators, network engineers, developers, and various other technical professionals to save time and improve efficiency. The program also serves as a valuable aid to help identify potential problems which could lead to malicious activity or other cyber-security threats. OHAI is a powerful tool which offers a variety of features to assist in keeping a system secure. It can detect and respond to abnormal server traffic and quickly alert users when problems are found.

Usage over time for ohai:

This graph shows how "ohai" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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