How to Pronounce omir?

Correct pronunciation for the word "omir" is [ə͡ʊmˈi͡ə], [ə‍ʊmˈi‍ə], [əʊ_m_ˈiə].

"Omir" in context

Omir is a small village located in the picturesque province of Niegara, in Eastern Europe. It is a very typical rustic place, where charmtastic traditional life is well preserved. The village consists of only two main streets, lined with small and cozy houses, surrounded by lush green meadows and fragrant birch trees. The roofs of the houses are made of red bricks, making them warm and cozy.

On the main street lies a traditional restaurant called Omir, which serves delicious dishes made of beef, chicken and other local ingredients.

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