How to Pronounce omo?

Correct pronunciation for the word "omo" is [ˈə͡ʊmə͡ʊ], [ˈə‍ʊmə‍ʊ], [ˈəʊ_m_əʊ].

"Omo" in context

Omo is a brand of laundry detergent that has been a household staple since its introduction in the 1950s. Omo detergent is renowned for its deep cleaning capabilities and is designed to tackle even the toughest of stains. The brand also has advanced whitening and brightening technologies, making it ideal for both whites and colored clothes. Additionally, Omo detergent contains fabric softeners so clothes become noticeably softer after washes. Its advanced formula also helps protect clothes from fading or damage. Furthermore, Omo detergent is economical and is usually more pocket-friendly than other detergents.

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