How to Pronounce ono?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ono" is [ˈə͡ʊnə͡ʊ], [ˈə‍ʊnə‍ʊ], [ˈəʊ_n_əʊ].

What are the misspellings for ono?

"Ono" in context

Ono is a Hawaiian fish which is a popular item for sushi. Ono is a white fish which has a delicious and unique taste. It is similar to in flavour to salmon but has a mild sweet taste which is delicious. Ono has firm, juicy flesh and can be served raw or cooked. It is often served in sushi restaurants but can be prepared in a variety of other ways. Ono can be cooked with a marinade, baked, grilled, or even deep-fried. There are also recipes to make Ono a part of casseroles and stir-fry.

What are similar-sounding words for ono?


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