How to Pronounce Pali?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Pali" is [pˈɑːli], [pˈɑːli], [p_ˈɑː_l_i].

What are the misspellings for Pali?

  • pal8,
  • paoi,
  • pqli,
  • palpi,
  • Pami,
  • pali.g,
  • Peli,
  • pzli,
  • pzali,
  • pazli,
  • ppali,
  • pwali,
  • pali sh,
  • paali,
  • palij,
  • psli,
  • p0ali,
  • lpali,
  • pal8i,
  • opali,
  • pqali,
  • pasli,
  • palji ,
  • Pcli,
  • 0ali,
  • pal9,
  • pali9,
  • pal9i,
  • pali8,
  • 0pali,
  • pali logy,
  • palii,
  • palki,
  • poali,
  • paoli,
  • paloi,
  • pal i,
  • papli,
  • pakli,
  • p-ali,
  • paleye,
  • palik,
  • pa li,
  • Pili,
  • plali,
  • pwli,
  • pali ssy

"Pali" in context

Pali is a literary language found mainly in the Theravada Buddhist textual traditions of South and Southeast Asia. It is a descendant of Sanskrit and is closely related to other regional languages of the area such as Sinhala, Tibetan and Burmese. It is used mainly for scholarly and traditional purposes and is not typically used as a spoken language.

Pali originated in India during the 6th century BC with the rise of Theravada Buddhism, and is the language of a large number of canonical Buddhist texts, including the famous Pali Canon, which is the most complete collection of early Buddhist texts.

What are similar-sounding words for Pali?


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