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How to Pronounce phellandrium?

Correct pronunciation for the word "phellandrium" is [fˈɛləndɹˌi͡əm], [fˈɛləndɹˌi‍əm], [f_ˈɛ_l_ə_n_d_ɹ_ˌiə_m].

What are the misspellings for phellandrium?

  • ohellandrium,
  • lhellandrium,
  • -hellandrium,
  • 0hellandrium,
  • pgellandrium,
  • pbellandrium,
  • pnellandrium,
  • pjellandrium,
  • puellandrium,
  • pyellandrium,
  • phwllandrium,
  • phsllandrium,
  • phdllandrium,
  • phrllandrium,
  • ph4llandrium,
  • ph3llandrium,
  • pheklandrium,
  • phellandriun,
  • pellandrium,
  • phellandium

"Phellandrium" in context

Phellandrium is a genus of small, flowering plants of the parsley family. They are sometimes referred to as 'water dropworts', as the individual plants have juicy round stems reminiscent of droplets of water. Native to temperate Europe, phellandrium are one of the most conspicuous wildflowers of the growing season. They thrive in slightly wet soils, and often grow in abundance along riverbanks and roadsides. Phellandrium is also found in North America, especially in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

These delicate plants can range between 8 inches and 2 feet in height.

Usage over time for phellandrium:

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