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How to Pronounce plocach?

Correct pronunciation for the word "plocach" is [plˈɒkat͡ʃ], [plˈɒkat‍ʃ], [p_l_ˈɒ_k_a_tʃ].

What are the misspellings for plocach?

  • plocah,
  • olocach,
  • ploxach,
  • plocwch,
  • pllocach,
  • p0locach,
  • plkocach,
  • pplocach,
  • pliocach,
  • pl9ocach,
  • plocxach,
  • plocsach,
  • plocachg,
  • plocachy,
  • plocahc,
  • plocachh,
  • plocash,
  • plocaci,
  • pl ocach,
  • ploc ach

"Plocach" in context

Plocach is a small village lies in the middle of a mountain range, situated in the Tzoumerka region of Greece. It is rather an old-historic style village, with a small population of about 150 inhabitants. Most of the locals are residing in the village for many years, but some of them just moved to this village from the nearest towns.

The village is surrounded by enchanting landscapes and lures visitors who are in search of peace, comfort, tranquility and nature. With its charming narrow stone paths, small traditional houses, and hospitable locals, Plocach enthralls its visitors.


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