How to Pronounce poolroom?

Correct pronunciation for the word "poolroom" is [pˈuːlɹuːm], [pˈuːlɹuːm], [p_ˈuː_l_ɹ_uː_m].

"Poolroom" in context

A poolroom is a great place to hang out and shoot a few games of pool with your friends. It's a great spot to relax, enjoy some friendly competition, and teach some new skills. Depending on where you're located, most poolrooms have a freshly waxed slate, regulation-sized pool tables, and a variety of cues and accessories. Professional poolplayers often frequent these establishments to hone their craft, while casual players get a nice evening of shooting the sticks with their mates.

In addition to its prime pool playing fare, many poolrooms offer food and drinks.

What are similar-sounding words for poolroom?

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