How to Pronounce QC?

Correct pronunciation for the word "QC" is [kjˌuːsˈiː], [kjˌuːsˈiː], [k_j_ˌuː_s_ˈiː].

What are the misspellings for QC?

"QC" in context

Quality control (QC) is an important part of many processes and industries to ensure quality standards are maintained. QC is a process focused on the end product, and involves testing, inspections, and audits to ensure that a product or service meets pre-determined standards. Organizations use QC to determine if processes or products are meeting these standards, and to identify and address any potential issues. Quality control should be an integral part of any product's development, manufacturing, and distribution processes, as it can help to identify and address issues quickly and prevent them from reaching consumers.

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