How to Pronounce quahog?

Correct pronunciation for the word "quahog" is [kwˈahɒɡ], [kwˈahɒɡ], [k_w_ˈa_h_ɒ_ɡ].

What are the misspellings for quahog?

"Quahog" in context

Quahog is a common name for several species of large marine bivalve mollusks, or saltwater clams. They are typically found in coastal areas, and they are prized for their flavorful meat. Quahogs are most often used in chowders and stuffies, but they can also be cooked in a variety of other ways. Quahogs are low in calories, fat and cholesterol, but they are a good source of protein and vitamins. Quahogs are also environmentally friendly, since they filter water and help keep marine ecosystems healthy.

What are similar-sounding words for quahog?

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