How to Pronounce rotter?

Correct pronunciation for the word "rotter" is [ɹˈɒtə], [ɹˈɒtə], [ɹ_ˈɒ_t_ə].

"Rotter" in context

A rotter is a person who has fallen or been pushed to the fringes of society. Often, these are people who become desperate by their circumstances and resort to desperate measures to make ends meet. These activities could range from petty theft or fraud, to violent crime. Rotters come from all backgrounds and ages, but are often drawn from impoverished communities where access to resources and support systems can be limited.

Rotters are often portrayed in books, films and other forms of media in a negative light, emphasizing their audacity and illegal activities. They are often depicted as lazy, untrustworthy and immoral.

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