How to Pronounce safar?

Correct pronunciation for the word "safar" is [sˈafɑː], [sˈafɑː], [s_ˈa_f_ɑː].

What are the misspellings for safar?

  • saffer,
  • safair,
  • sfar,
  • xafar,
  • dafar,
  • eafar,
  • szfar,
  • ssfar,
  • swfar,
  • sqfar,
  • sacar,
  • savar,
  • sarar,
  • safzr,
  • safsr,
  • saffar,
  • saphar,
  • sufar,
  • saffor,
  • soffar

"Safar" in context

Safari is the term used to describe an adventure in the wilderness of any continent, most famously Africa. It is associated with big game hunting, wildlife viewing and photography and also describes many activities like camping and bush walking. The history of safari dates back hundreds of years to when African hunters went out looking for food. Today, there are many different types of safaris including mobile, driving, and walking safaris.

On a safari, travelers can expect to experience the teeming wildlife of Africa, the vast landscape, the vast variety of culturally distinct people, and the rustic way of living found in the African bush.

What are similar-sounding words for safar?

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