How to Pronounce scoop?

Correct pronunciation for the word "scoop" is [skˈuːp], [skˈuːp], [s_k_ˈuː_p].

"Scoop" in context

Scoop is a tool used by cooks, bakers, and confectioners of all kinds to transport and measure ingredients. It has an angled edge that is used to measure out exact amounts of ingredients quickly and accurately. Scoops come in all shapes and sizes, with some as small as a teaspoon and others as large as a gallon of liquid. They are made of durable plastic or metal, with some varieties featuring a non-stick coating to help ingredients slide out easily. Scoops are used in all kinds of recipes, from cupcakes to soups, stews, and even custards.

What are similar-sounding words for scoop?


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