How to Pronounce seduce?

Correct pronunciation for the word "seduce" is [sɪdjˈuːs], [sɪdjˈuːs], [s_ɪ_d_j_ˈuː_s].

"Seduce" in context

Seduction is the act of exciting, enticing, and persuading someone to engage in relationships or to feel an inclination from sexual desire. It is a deliberate attempt to show someone else your romantic capabilities and can be quite powerful. Seductive moves and tactics may be used to spark sparks of interest and, if done right, can draw out the best in the target of your affections. Seduction often involves flirting and complimenting and may also involve more intimate endeavors, such as sending suggestive texts, whispering sweet words, and even touching. There is no single, set approach to seduction; different techniques will work on different people and situations.

What are similar-sounding words for seduce?


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