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How to Pronounce soars?

Correct pronunciation for the word "soars" is [sˈɔːz], [sˈɔːz], [s_ˈɔː_z].

What are the misspellings for soars?

"Soars" in context

Soars is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when an object rises in the air and maintains a certain elevation level. Birds, airplanes, and hot air balloons are the most common examples of objects which demonstrate this phenomenon. For example, a bird can soar by pivoting its wings to use air currents as a means to stay airborne and maintain a constant altitude. Similarly, airplanes and hot air balloons use thrust from the motor and heat from fires, respectively, to ascend and stay aloft. Soaring is such an efficient means of travel because doing so requires significantly less energy consumption than the alternatives.

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