How to Pronounce spill?

Correct pronunciation for the word "spill" is [spˈɪl], [spˈɪl], [s_p_ˈɪ_l].

"Spill" in context

Spills are any unintentional release of liquid, gas, or solid materials that occur due to accidents, negligence, malfunctioning equipment, or other unexpected circumstances. Spills often occur during the handling and storage of hazardous materials, and can pose significant risks to the environment and the health of those exposed. In order to prevent, or at least limit, the chances of spillage, it is important to have regular maintenance and inspection schedules in place, use certified containers and equipment, and have proper containment and disposal procedures in place. It is also important to always have the necessary spill kits and materials on hand, in case of an emergency.


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