How to Pronounce substitution?

Correct pronunciation for the word "substitution" is [sˌʌbstɪtjˈuːʃən], [sˌʌbstɪtjˈuːʃən], [s_ˌʌ_b_s_t_ɪ_t_j_ˈuː_ʃ_ə_n].

"Substitution" in context

Substitution is a process that is used to replace something with another that has a similar or identical purpose. It is commonly used in language and grammar, but it also applies to a wide range of circumstances.

Substitution is often used as a way to simplify an expression or phrase, either to make it easier to understand or to make it more economical. This is especially true in language, where certain words can often be replaced with others that have the same meanings. For example, the word "dog" can be replaced with "canine" or "puppy".


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