How to Pronounce supine?

Correct pronunciation for the word "supine" is [sˈuːpa͡ɪn], [sˈuːpa‍ɪn], [s_ˈuː_p_aɪ_n].

"Supine" in context

Supine is a verb which describes an action of lying on the back. This term is often used in medical discourses as a way to describe a person being in a certain physical posture. It can also be used to describe a person being in a state of repose, complacence, surrender or submission.

When talking about the physical posture of supination, it is when the back is flat on the ground while the front of the body is facing up. This posture is usually accessed when a person is sleeping, resting or surrendering to another person.

What are similar-sounding words for supine?


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