How to Pronounce sympathetic?

Correct pronunciation for the word "sympathetic" is [sˌɪmpəθˈɛtɪk], [sˌɪmpəθˈɛtɪk], [s_ˌɪ_m_p_ə_θ_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_k].

"Sympathetic" in context

Sympathy is an emotional state that motivates us to care for, respond positively, and understand the feelings and needs of others. It is the practice of being sympathetic and understanding of the suffering of others, such as by providing support, compassion, and comfort. For example, a person may experience sympathy for someone who is going through a difficult time in life.

Sympathy and empathy are related but have distinct meanings. While empathy involves understanding someone's experience from their perspective, sympathy is an external emotion that allows us to observe what another person is experiencing without actually feeling it ourselves.


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