How to Pronounce ultimately?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ultimately" is [ˈʌltɪmətli], [ˈʌltɪmətli], [ˈʌ_l_t_ɪ_m_ə_t_l_i].

"Ultimately" in context

Ultimately is a powerful word. It implies extreme finality and signifies the complete end of something or all possibilities. In the world of literature, it is often used as a tool to round off a story, indicating permanence and closure. It can be used to captivate an audience, signaling them that the story's resolution is at hand and that they should pay attention. Ultimately, it is a powerful word that can evoke strong emotions and keep people engaged.

In business, the word ultimately also plays a pivotal role. It is used as a rallying call to drive a firm's employees and motivate them towards a common goal.

What are similar-sounding words for ultimately?


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