How to Pronounce violet shifts?

Correct pronunciation for the word "violet shifts" is [vˈa͡ɪ͡ələt ʃˈɪfts], [vˈa‍ɪ‍ələt ʃˈɪfts], [v_ˈaɪə_l_ə_t ʃ_ˈɪ_f_t_s].

What are the misspellings for violet shifts?

"Violet shifts" in context

Violet shifts are an increasingly popular trend for clothing and accessories, particularly among young people. These unique and eye-catching hues of indigo and purple have always been a part of fashion, but in recent years, they have come to the forefront in a major way. Not only are these colors incredibly versatile and flattering, they're also incredibly fun to wear.

Violet shifts can be found in everything from t-shirts and sweaters to jackets, scarves, hats, and shoes.

Usage over time for violet shifts:

This graph shows how "violet shifts" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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