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How to Pronounce x-scid?

Correct pronunciation for the word "x-scid" is [ˈɛkssˈɪd], [ˈɛkssˈɪd], [ˈɛ_k_s_s_ˈɪ_d].

What are the misspellings for x-scid?

  • z-scid,
  • c-scid,
  • d-scid,
  • s-scid,
  • x0scid,
  • xpscid,
  • x-acid,
  • x-zcid,
  • x-xcid,
  • x-dcid,
  • x-ecid,
  • x-wcid,
  • x-sxid,
  • x-svid,
  • x-sfid,
  • x-sdid,
  • x-scud,
  • x-scjd,
  • x-sckd,
  • x-scod

What is the adjective for x-scid?

The adjective form of the word "x-scid" is "x-linked severe combined immunodeficiency".

What is the plural form of x-scid?

The plural form of "x-scid" is "x-scids".

What is the singular form of x-scid?

The singular form of the word "x-scid" is "x-scid". This term does not change in its singular form.

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