How to Pronounce XOR?

Correct pronunciation for the word "XOR" is [zˈɔː], [zˈɔː], [z_ˈɔː].

What are the misspellings for XOR?

"XOR" in context

XOR (Exclusive Or) is a logic gate which is commonly used in computer science and electronics. It is a two input one output gate, which performs binary logic operation that is exclusive-OR. In XOR gate, if either input is 1 and second input is 0 then the output will be 1, otherwise the output will be 0. In case, if both the input is same then output will always be 0. XOR gate has many applications such as encoder, comparator, multiplexer and priority encoder. It is used for one bit digital adder and subtractor. XOR logic is often used for parity checks.


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