How to Pronounce yasi?

Correct pronunciation for the word "yasi" is [jˈasi], [jˈasi], [j_ˈa_s_i].

"Yasi" in context

Yasi is a type of tropical cyclone in Australia, which are more commonly known as hurricanes. Yasi is one that forms off the eastern coast of the continent. It usually begins as a low-pressure system in the Coral Sea and builds its profile as it moves towards the east. Generally, Yasi is characterised by violent winds with speeds of up to 270 km/hr, heavy rain and storm surge of up to 7 metres.

Yasi is known to be a destructive force of nature due to its magnitude and strength. It has caused massive destruction on the Sunshine Coast and the coastal regions of northern Queensland in the past.

Usage over time for yasi:

This graph shows how "yasi" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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