How to Pronounce Z?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Z" is [zˈɛd], [zˈɛd], [z_ˈɛ_d].

What are the misspellings for Z?

"Z" in context

Z is the twenty-sixth and final letter of the English alphabet. It has been widely used in many languages for centuries and has been featured in many works of literature, such as the famous 'Z' word in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. The letter 'Z' is often associated with things that are cool or exotic, hence its frequent use in brand names. For example, the popular soft drink 'Z-Cup' and the fashion label 'Ze-Zim'. The 'Z' sound is also heavily featured in modern music, with many popular hip-hop and r&b songs featuring the letter in their titles.

What are similar-sounding words for Z?

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