Correct spelling for 2B

We think the word 2b is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 2b

  • ab I ab notion de Spaniard is very pretty considerable trouble just now, anyhow.
  • ba Wall, I say, you're sure she is Chambly, w'at you call Ma-dam All-ba-nee?
  • bb Bb. Siha, thou art a soldier.
  • be You must be my wife.
  • bi During the first ten years the sessions were bi-annual, but since 1895 have been held every five years.
  • bk Bk Near Fort Niagara, massacre of British troops at, 55. Devos, Frederick.
  • bm ,  Bm in an additive category, we can represent morphisms f: A1 ⊕ â‹…â‹…â‹… ⊕ An → B1 ⊕ â‹…â‹…â‹… ⊕ Bm as m-by-n matrices where Using that ∑k ik ∘ pk = 1, it follows that addition and composition of matrices obey the usual rules for matrix addition and matrix multiplication.
  • br y. re *octogonus sp. 8-10 br. ye. .. Mexico 1834 D. S. S. *excavatus sp. ext.7-8 .. --- -- D. S. S. cent.
  • bs Domestic electrical appliances with the BEAB Mark of Approval meant that they had reached a required safety standard (BS 3456).
  • by Is it 'good by,' dear?"
  • db DE – Jonathan Brown, Toronto Argonauts LB – Kevin Eiben, Toronto Argonauts DB – Kenny Wheaton, Toronto Argonauts CB – Byron Parker, Toronto Argonauts CB – Jordan Younger, Toronto Argonauts DS – Orlondo Steinauer, Toronto Argonauts
  • gb Baker Gurvitz Army (Janus, 1974) Elysian Encounter (Atco, 1975) Hearts on Fire (Atco, 1976) Flying in and Out of Stardom (Castle, 2003) Greatest Hits (GB Music, 2003) Live in Derby (Major League Productions, 2005) Live (Revisited, 2005) With Fela Kuti Felas London Scene (EMI, 1971) – uncredited Why Black Man Dey Suffer (African Sounds, 1971) Live!
  • kb Today, Katharine Blunt House (most often referred to as "KB") is located in the North Campus of dorms at the College, and houses students of all genders and class years.
  • lb Put them into the bottles, with the above proportion of sugar to every lb.
  • mb A maximum of 32 MB could be added to the Sound Blaster AWE32 but the synthesizer could not address all of it (4MB of the EMU8000s address space was reserved for sample ROM).
  • ob He's a good marster, an' he'll take good keer ob Tenny.
  • pb Catalog Course Enrollments: Blueprint Education provides institutions (client) access to existing courses (PB or SPI).
  • rb ↑ "Argonauts mourn death of former RB Ulysses Curtis".
  • sb THREAVE, sb. a crowd, a large number.
  • yb On March 14, 2015 a bus coach with fans from YB SK Beveren made a five hour trip to London to watch Enfield Town FC take on Leatherhead FC in the Isthmian League.
  • B Secunde partis primus liber signatur per A. b.
  • N "I-I-I-am-afraid n-not," I stammered.
  • V 7008, 7010. 1282 Duruy, v.
  • BF org, accessed 17 April 20141 2 Historically Informed Performances: “Archduke” and “Ghost” Trios, by John Moran bf.
  • BL Bl. The second family of Nucleobranchiata, Bl. the shells of which are described as symmetrical, extremely thin, transparent, longitudinally enrolled, either forwards or backwards.
  • BP Meeting-place of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, 38 B. C. Contains tomb of Sardanapalus, and is bp. of St. Paul, Athenodorus, and Hermogenes.
  • CB 1975: William George Pottinger (appointed 1953), following his conviction for corruption; Pottingers CB was also revoked.
  • VB VB caught his breath in a sob. It was the one goal open to him, though the odds were crushing.
  • BC Symbolic Representations ============================== [F] Female symbol [M] Male symbol [BC] Circle Black [TW] Circle Top White [RW] Circle Right White [BW] Circle Bottom White [LW] Circle Left White [RTW] Circle Right Third White [LTW] Circle Left Third White
  • BO They find the Bo on the job and the money gone.
  • BU 1 shaku, 6 sun, 8 bu. 645, 510, 17. With midare yakiba, signed Kuninaga, attributed to Senjiuin in Shoo period, 1288-1292.
  • BX Roy Chubby Brown: Exposed (1993) Jingle Bx@!
  • QB Then, the 49ers wrapped the game up with Smith getting a very easy 18-yard QB sneak for a touchdown.

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