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Check Chinese spelling online with spellcheck?

The Chinese language is a challenge for foreigners. Even if you succeeded in the literary language, it does not guarantee that native speakers will understand you. Chinese has a lot of dialect groups like Mandarin, and its grammar is way far more different from English or any other Indo-European language.

The special feature of this language is the characters. One word often consists of one or two characters, and one stroke can influence the meaning of the whole meaning of a sentence. Chinese spell check is a must for a clear language without wrong meaning and incorrect spelling. Simple mistakes can change the gist and the meaning of the text, but with the help of a Chinese spell check, this problem can be easily prevented.

How to check Chinese spelling?

This website allows you (or the user) to check the spelling of Chinese characters free of charge. Wondering how to eliminate all the errors in the text and to check my spelling? Simply follow these steps:

Copy and paste the text in the special box
Run the checker
Check the pop-up window to see the result

This sophisticated language tool will highlight the wrong characters in seconds and suggests the correct options after scrutinized checking. All that is left is to apply the changes and impress the reader by perfect writing.

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