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Check French spelling online with spellcheck?

A French spell check is a handy instrument for people striving for perfection in their writing. Essays, business emails, research papers need to be proofread, and an online spell checker is a great tool available at no cost just by making a few clicks. Furthermore, spellcheck can become a free language tutor that points out the misspelled words. This tool will offer suggestions after checking the text but instead of automatically replacing the word it will analyze why this option is appropriate to meet the language rules and the meaning of your writing

How to check French spelling?

To identify the mistakes, run a French spell check directly in your web browser by copying and pasting the text. In the blink of an eye after clicking the ‘Check text’ button, the checker will highlight all wrong words. If you click on the words highlighted in blue, besides spell checking French the tool will offer you a list of synonyms. This is a perfect way to learn how to make your writing more eloquent and increase the vocabulary. French spell check is a must for meeting high standards in writing.

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